Chief! Get to know this name. You will be hearing much from him in the months to come, updating us on all that is going on with Nickelback throughout their upcoming tour the way, Chief is what we refer to as Nickelback's road manager extraordinaire ('extraordinaire' because he is much more than the road manager). In a message received from Chief last night, he tells the following of Nickelback's current tour in Germany: We have now completed 6 shows. 3 with Saliva and 3 with 3 Doors Down... Played in front of 12,000 people at 3 am at the Bizarre festival... Crowds have been fantastic, treating us amazingly... Visited a concentration camp the other day. Very heavy topic... The guys have done over 75 interviews in 6 days so far... All 3 shows with 3 Doors Down sold out... # 1 song in Canada (referring to "How You Remind Me")... Australian tour confirmed... What else? Nickelback will be back touring the US starting August 31st. Check back tomorrow (08/24), as we will be putting up the video for their current single "How You Remind Me". Silver Side Up in stores September 11th