In fact, the boys are standing no further than 5 feet from me right now! Check back as we will grab a couple candid shots of the boys today to post on the site. As well, our very own Jamie Roberts will be doing an interview with them to post up here on the site (did you see her Downer interview?). A little into the life of a rock n' roll band: Nickelback played last night in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, got on the bus after the show to drive to NYC. Upon arrival in NYC they came to the Roadrunner office for a fun filled day of pleasantries (happy faces, face to face interviews, phone interviews, all kinds of press). After their stay in the office it is back on the bus to Boston for their show tomorrow night. Then to Portland, then to Denver, you get the idea... Remember, check back later for an interview with the band as well as pictures too! Hey, and let's give a shout out to the Detroit Lions for Mike Kroeger!