Nickelback closed out their lengthy North American run in support of Dark Horse in Vancouver just last week, and local publication The Province was on hand to write all about it.

Reviewer Stuart Derdeyn assesses, "Around the time Silver Side Up came out, Chad Kroeger told me about his dream stage show. The only thing stopping it from happening was budget constraints.

As the bestselling band of the past decade,  Nickelback can afford all the flashpots, flame throwers and flickering lights it wants.

They have them. LOTS of them.

Never a band to be accused of subtlety, the quartet opened its homecoming love affair at GM Place with a big bang.

And then kept the explosions and walls of multi-coloured flames blazing all the way through "Burn It To the Ground."

It was exactly the way Kroeger had described his vision years back.

Befitting massive arena rockers, the stage was bordered by two screens, there was a massive backing screen and then five moving cubes of lights with video screens too. This meant up to seven close-ups of Chad and the boys' faces at one time. That had the ladies — and guys — cheering.

Actually, everything had the audience active.

Mention of local weed started up a "B.C. Bud" chant. Beer lineups were epic.

So were the singalongs. Even at the deafening stage volume, you could hear the choruses to "Photograph" and "Savin' Me." The sound was excellent, by the way, proving that unlike Pearl Jam, Nickelback cares enough about its fans to tour with production values.

...What matters to Nickelback fans is that somehow a bunch of guys from small-town Alberta can capture exactly what a lot of people do with their lives and how they feel about it. The truth is, way more relate to "This Afternoon" than anything on In Rainbows. It's working folk's music, with more than a little country influence.

Plus, this band hands out tequila shots to the audience so everybody can toast their hometown.

Bottoms up!"