All right...for once we are going to give you a simple, short & sweet Nickelback update. We mentioned yesterday (10/15) that Nickelback was heading to Australia for a couple shows. Well, they are there now... We also mentioned that you can catch the 10/17 show in Sydney on the net. Well, that was a lie. However, you WILL be able to catch a show of their's live on the net, a semi-acoustic performance they are doing at The Chapel in Melbourne on Saturday (10/20). The details are as follows: Date: Saturday 20th October Band: Nickelback Time: 7:30pm performance Place: Note, this is actually going to be a cool event. It's sponsored by Carlton Cold (local Australian brew) and takes place in a converted church (hence the name The Chapel). The place holds about 200 cats, and it is something that you cannot buy tickets to, you can only win them...or, you can watch it live on the net. NOTE - we said this would happen on 10/20 at 7:30pm. THAT IS LOCAL AUSTRALIA TIME. Since this is a live event, here in the US on Eastern Standard Time it will still take place on Saturday (10/20), but the time will actually be 5:30am. YES, A.M. So, turn on your computer machine when you get home from the bars Friday night, or set your alarm early for Saturday morning if you are one of those cats that sleeps at night. As the Aussies say, good'ay mate! OK, so this wasn't as short an update as originally intended new release Silver Side Up in stores now