Well, right now Nickelback is making their way over to Milan, Italy for the first date of their upcoming European tour...which, by the way, starts on Wednesday (12/03). After two weeks touring Europe, it's home for the holidays, then a tour of Canada starting mid-January. Check our TOUR section for all upcoming dates. AND NOW, for those of you keeping track at home, a couple random facts for you on this fine day...and they go like this: 1 - coupla months after its release, and MTV proper has officially added Nickelback's "Someday" video. True. What does this mean? Simply that the video will now be played on MTV. 2 - and now, for bit more detail from the world of Nickelback, we turn to the back roads of (don't mess with) Texas, and the latest catch from Lisa (aka MsHoneyBuns). Her words paint the following picture: "So I'm totally lit now, but I have to tell you that I went to the titty bar this afternoon with some buddies and I was shocked to hear 3 Nickelback songs in a few hours - 'Figured You Out,' 'Someday,' and 'Saturday Night's (All Right For Fighting).' It was cool and all to sing along with a $2 mil sound system and to see some excellent lights to enhance the girls. Trust me when I say that lights and sound can do miracles...." Apparently there really is something to this great state of Texas. Lisa went on to say shortly after the Nickelback songs, the joint played TWO Theory Of A Deadman songs (in a span of 20 mins), and then a doubleDrive song. "I was stunned!!!!" continued Lisa..."I was amazed because I once had to pay them off with goodies to play them, but since then, they are going strong at the tit joint on their own. I still swear this place is better than any radio chart. hee hee...Be good and have a great day..." Radio Chart? What radio chart? THIS, is the word according to Lisa. Amen, MsHoneyBuns.