Another release date has been confirmed - Nickelback's forthcoming Silver Side Up release has been etched in stone for a September 11th release. Many of you have probably already heard the first track released from their sophomore effort on the radio, a track called "How You Remind Me". If not, you can check it out in Nickelback's MUSIC section. Speaking of "How You Remind Me", the video for this track was over 2 days this past weekend (07/28 & 07/29). The shoot took place in Vancouver in some big, empty warehouse. For the video, half of the warehouse was transformed into a club, and the other half into an apartment. Taping started at 7am on both days, ending around 10pm. Expect the video to be completed come August 17th. Other than that, Nickelback will be playing a couple festivals this weekend - in Seattle and Portland - with Cake, Lit, The Offspring, The Cult, and Everclear...among others. Then it is off to Europe for a few dates before heading back to the states to tour with 3 Doors Down starting on August 31st. See Nickelback's TOUR section for full details.