Nickelback has released two singles from its upcoming album Here and Now, due in stores November 21. You can hear "Bottoms Up" and "When We Stand Together" right now on the band's page.

Interestingly, while both songs sound like Nickelback, they represent two very different sides of the band. As frontman Chad Kroeger told the Associated Press, "When you listen to this record, it sounds like it could be from four different artists. We always try and do the same thing: We try to do something heavier than we've ever done, more melodic than we've ever done, every single time we do this, and I think we've achieved it again."

"I think we've tried new things and explored new ideas, and I like it when people hear the songs and people say, 'This doesn't sound like Nickelback, this sounds like something different for you guys,'" he continued.

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