Earlier this morning (01/15) a few semi trucks met right outside the capital of BC. What was in these trucks? Sound equipment which came from Vegas, a light system which came from Orlando, and pyro & stage sets which came from L.A. Add all of these together and you get the new Nickelback stage show which will be unveiled during their imminent Canadian tour. Nickelback's road manager Chief tells "it's 5 times bigger a light show than our previous run of the U.S." Damn, if you saw the U.S. tour run, that was a show...Chief continues, "the guys from Pantera and Godsmack will be doing our pyro." Welcome to the new Nickelback show. All the trucks drove onto ferries this morning, to make the trip into Victoria, the capital of BC, the location for the first two dates of the Canadian tour. Today, tonight, and tomorrow afternoon will consist of band rehearsals with the new gear for the new stage show. Tomorrow night (01/16), their show is open for viewing. To all you good folk in Canada, enjoy this upcoming Nickelback tour...and please do email us with any info about the shows...same goes to you folks in Big Rapids, MI - the one U.S. stop on this tour. For a complete listing of upcoming Nickelback tour dates, search our TOUR section.