Nightwish's Facebook page is having a contest where you can win an autographed Nightwish drum head, a Nightwish T-shirt & a Dark Passion Play [Special Edition] for doing something super cool and fun that a lot of you probably already do when you're bored. Contest: Create a fan video for the track, "Amaranth" For those of you who have never created a fan video, you can make 'em by synchronizing existing footage from other sources, such as live shows or tv performances, tour footage & clips of interviews, with the song. FYI: Please use clips of Nightwish rather than cartoons, bands, or any other stars in general, Nightwish is the subject for the video. Email

**Winner gets : Signed Nightwish Drumhead, Nightwish T-Shirt & the Dark Passion Play [Special Edition] CD/DVD as well as having their winning video posted for the week on Roadrunner Records' Youtube Page & Nightwish' Facebook page.

2nd place: Nightwish T-Shirt & Dark Passion Play [Special Edition]

3rd place: Nightwish T-Shirt

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