Nightwish's US tour in support of their latest album, Imaginaerum, wound down last night, but they've got additional shows in Europe coming up next month, and festival gigs scheduled for next summer - all of which will apparently feature Floor Jansen on vocals.

The singer wrote on this week, "How can I tell you how amazing the show in Oklahoma was? Or in Austin? Or in New Orleans? There is something special about every show. A unique night, a magical ride that always ends too soon! And with a unique audience. Hundreds of wonderful people at the meet&greets every day. Thousands of sweating and rocking bodies; getting just as high on the music as we do.

"We played ‘Ghost Love Score’ twice now. My favorite song! Goosebumps on my entire body every time I sing, 'My fall will be for you.' Tears came to my eyes the second time we played it. First time I was thinking a bit more. Second time I only had to feel. Again, words are failing on me to describe the real emotion I had. But I have hope that the people who were that in New Orleans that night felt it too...On the 4th of November the Nightwish shows continue in the UK. I am super excited to join them on the rest of the World Tour and the summer festivals in 2013!"

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Imaginaerum is available everywhere now - grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!