Nightwish are touring Australia this month, in support of their latest album Imaginaerum, and bassist/backing vocalist Marco Hietala was interviewed by He had high praise for the band's current frontwoman, Floor Jansen, saying, "In 2002, After Forever was warming up for Nightwish and we’ve known her since then. We knew that when we had kind of an emergency, she would be one vocalist who would be able to pull it off, and not only that, be able to pull it off fast. And she really did, so she’s got my respect as a professional and the way she handled the fast call of the whole thing. She really nailed it down really fast."

Regarding the album itself, he says, "The one thing that I really liked about Imaginaerum as an album is the whole versatility of the thing. A lot of different atmospheres and everything, and that came to be because we basically don’t plan that much of what we do. We have a bunch of songs and if we like them we’re going to be doing them. Also, people in the band are really open-minded about different things and all that. The honesty of not planning anything, not planning to write like a 'Nemo Part II' is what keeps things interesting. That is how I imagine it’ll happen next time. So we’ll just go over what we like and what we don’t like that much, and then put together the things we most like. So far as a really great bonus it seems that every time we do this thing this way, people end up pretty much liking it also."

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Imaginaerum is available everywhere now - grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!