New stills from Imaginaerum, the movie based on Nightwish's latest album, have been released; check them out below! The movie will be released in the band's native Finland on November 23.

The movie was filmed in Canada, and finished in Finland, and its story explores the dreams of a dying man. Nightwish appear in it, but only briefly; as mainman Tuomas Holopainen explained in an interview with, "[We] are seen in two different scenes as a band, playing in the background. That's something that I really emphasized to the director, 'Please don't put the band into the movie,' because we want to do a believable story and we have no idea how to act. We are not actors so if your give us some lines and we tried to act, it would look goofy. He insisted to put us into the movie because it's our brainchild, so we're just playing in there as a band; it's a good compromise."

Nightwish tour dates in support of Imaginaerum the album begin in just about three weeks; find a show near you!

Imaginaerum is available everywhere now - grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!