Nightwish has a section of their website called "Nightmail," where fans can submit questions and possibly have them answered by the bandmembers. They recently posted responses to multiple questions by keyboardist/band visionary Tuomas Holopainen, vocalist Anette Olzon, bassist Marco Hietala, and drummer Jukka Nevalainen. A few of those questions, and their answers, are below.

Anette was asked what was the most difficult song on the band's latest album, Imaginaerum, for her to sing; she responded, "There's no song that is so hard I can't do it but there's always the thing with some songs where I have to change from different vocal styles very quickly and also some songs have so much words that are overlapping and live that can be a bit 'tricky.' But one song that is a bit harder to do due to the different ways of singing it is 'Rest Calm.' First I sing with my harder power voice and then I need to go directly into the very soft chorus with lots of words that overlap one another. So that is a tricky one."

When asked about the band's future plans beyond Imaginaerum, Tuomas said, "We all have quite a good idea of what the next album will be about. You don't need to go bigger and bigger with each album, the key is to find a new hook, or 'challenge' with everything you create."

Marco was asked about inspiration, and responded, "I'm trying to keep myself open and the inspiration can come from basically anywhere. After that it's just a matter of imagination and how far you can go with it. Songs and music can definitely teach people. When an idea touches you, you are changed, even just a little, for good."

Jukka was asked about the band's rehearsal methods, and said, "We don't have regular rehearsals as a band. Before new albums and tours we gather together and rehearse a lot but outside that everybody are doing it on their own. Some of us meet each others more often outside touring than the others. Me and Tuomas are living in the same area so we hook up together once in a while."

Each bandmember answered multiple questions on a wide variety of subjects, some serious and some goofy, so check out each link - there's a lot to read.

Nightwish tour dates begin in September; in the meantime, Imaginaerum is available in the Roadrunner webstore.