Nightwish's latest album, Imaginaerum, has been receiving wildly enthusiastic reviews across the metal Internet. Sites like Loudwire, MSN Music's metal blog Headbang, and's heavy metal page have all praised the record.

Says reviewer Chad Bowar, "Sometimes albums are so diverse that they become disjointed, but that never happens here. Even though there are a lot of different styles represented, there's still a cohesiveness and common thread tying everything together. From the quirky “Scaretale” to the frenzied instrumental “Arabesque” to the delicate “Turn Loose The Mermaids,” it all blends together seamlessly...This album took a few years to compose and record, and the band's effort really pays off. Imaginaerum is a tour-de-force, taking the listener on a dynamic ride through different styles and tempos, always maintaining interest and building an emotional connection that becomes even stronger with subsequent listens."

Loudwire says, "The band’s second song on the album and the first single, ‘Storytime,’ shows off the melodic goodness of frontwoman Anette Olzon. Even though Imaginaerum is only her second album with the band (her other being 2007’s Dark Passion Play), her vocal talent is irresistible...Imaginaerum offers such variety and depth to music as a whole and is easily one of the best Nightwish albums to date. The creativity and talent of Nightwish is undeniable, as no two tracks sound alike, and the band manages to take you on a wild journey that your ear drums soon won’t forget. With every listen, comes a new adventure."

MSN Music's Adrien Begrand writes, "Incredibly, Imaginaerum pulls off the near-unthinkable, a 75 minute symphonic metal album that’s engaging, imaginative, flamboyant, and above all else, fun. Songwriter/keyboardi?st Tuomas Holopainen has always been a talented creator of hook-laden tunes, but he’s also been guilty of letting his self-indulgence get the better of him. Here, however, for all the polish and orchestral window-dressing, he reins everything in just enough to not completely fly off the handle, and the end result is an album that careens from style to style, every track bursting with instantly memorable melodies. In keeping with the movie soundtrack idea, there’s a cinematic flow to Imaginaerum that’s particularly impressive. It’s a tacky way to put it, but this is truly a roller-coaster ride for listeners, and not for a second tedious, from the wintry overture, to the gorgeous mid-album instrumental “Arabesque”, to the clever instrumental title track that plays like a composition for closing credits. Even the 13-minute, Walt Whitman-quoting “Song of Myself” shows impressive discipline in the songwriting...Who knows how good the actual film adaptation of Imaginaerum will be – it’s still slated for a 2012 release – but fans of Nightwish and symphonic metal in general will be mightily pleased with the album. It’s quite a remarkable feat, the band’s best work since 2000’s Wishmaster, and totally worth the five-year wait."

Imaginaerum is available now; click here to get your copy!