Nathan Scott of recently interviewed Nightwish mainman Tuomas Holopainen at the Gibson Guitars offices in London. The two discussed the band's upcoming album Imaginaerum (out January 10 in the US), the accompanying film, their live plans and more.
Holopainen explains that the band has only minimal roles in the film, saying, "The most important thing is that we are trying to make a believable movie that will actually tell the story and be emotional to people. And we wouldn’t have been believable actors. I think people might have preconceptions about us. It’s the same thing you know, I don’t care how good of an actor Justin Timberlake is, but whenever I see him in a movie I’m a bit ‘ookaay’. He’s very good, but he’s still Justin Timberlake. So that’s the symptom that we’re trying to avoid. The director also originally wanted us to have bigger parts, but we told him 'Please don’t make us say a single line.'"
Because of the filmmaking process, the band has spent quite a bit of time away from the stage, and Holopainen described his excitement at the resumption of rehearsals, saying, "It feels really good that the wait is over, there was a lot of waiting involved. The album was ready in June, and we’ve been just waiting for the movie thing to go on to get to the rehearsals, so yeah… We had the first rehearsal about three weeks ago, just before I came on this promo tour, it was a lot of fun playing together. It had been like a year and a half. It was a lot of fun. I just love the way this whole business cycles: being on a tour, that’s fanstastic stuff, but after a year or two if I feel like I can go back to my house and start writing songs. Then I write the songs for a year and it’s like ‘OK, I had enough of this, I want to get this done with’, and then you go to the studio and after a year you’re all ‘Ah, I hate the studio’, and then back on tour. It’s all that, that I enjoy, the variety."
The interview is long and quite interesting; click here to read the whole thing.