Nightwish mainman Tuomas Holopainen was interviewed by Westword, to preview the band's show tomorrow night at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado. In the interview, he discusses his thoughts on being a "rock star," personal artistic goals, performing the material from Imaginaerum live, and more.

Says Holopainen, "I could not be further away from being a rock star...I am a songwriter, a storyteller, a composer. Any of those terms would work. I am proud to be called any of those things, but a rock star.... NO WAY!"

Regarding his artistic goals, he says, "With each album we do, we challenge ourselves and challenge the listeners with something different. You never want to do the same album or even the same song twice, so that is our goal. Every album has been on a different level from the previous one, and we have always been able to challenge ourselves."

Adapting Imaginaerum songs to the stage without the benefit of an orchestra and choir is tough, says Holopainen; they're forced to rely on backing tracks: "There is no way we can have any extra players on the stage. We won't have any room. So, that is the only way we can do it."

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