Motley Crue bassist, best-selling author and on-air radio personality Nikki Sixx sat down with to discuss all of the above and more in a recent on-camera interview, and namechecked Sixx Sense radio guests the Murderdolls. While the band was recording their sophomore album Women and Children Last in Hollywood after an 8-year hiatus, main duo Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison dropped in to discuss the new album (which hit stores August 31st) on Sixx's syndicated radio show.

Explains Sixx, "Murderdolls was neat, cuz I've followed the band, known the band members, and I've seen that there's been a long hiatus, and then they're  re-energized to coming back with this new music, I really wanted to give them a forum, give them an opportunity to be heard because people haven't heard their name in a while..."

Go here to watch the whole interview, and go right here to get your copy of Murderdolls frenetic new album Women and Children Last.