Yesterday (05/02), marked the first actual day of recording for 36 Crazyfists. Yes, we previously said that May 1st was the first day, but after speaking with vocalist Brock Lindow, we stand corrected! Anyway, for the next nine days, 36 Crazyfists will be held up at Millbrook Studios with the distinct purpose of laying down all the drum tracks for their upcoming debut release Bitterness The Star. It is possible that some bass and guitar tracks will be laid down too, but drums is the focus right now. Yesterday things started up for the band at 3pm and wrapped up around 2am. The first day brought about finished drum tracks for a song entitled "Slit Wrist Theory". Today they will look to nail down the drum tracks for another 3 songs. more updates to come... oh, and if you have a question to ask 36 Crazyfists, email it to [email protected]. Make sure to write "36 Crazyfists" in the subject line of your email. (15 GOOD questions will be taken to the band for answering this weekend)