Check out the following snippet taken from MTV News's "Fear and Loathing at the New England Metal & hardcore Fest" report: "...but most of the kids crammed into the Palladium are here for one band, and one band only: DragonForce. The heavily '80s-influenced British power-metallers are known for delivering breakneck tempos, background choral singing and lyrics about fire and swords and epic battles. During a DragonForce gig, the bandmembers are in constant motion, like children with ADD after finishing off bags of FunDip. Around 10:30 p.m., the bandmembers emerge from the backstage area to chants of "DragonForce! DragonForce!" and deliver their first concert on American soil. The band's microphone stands boast two cup holders each, where bottles of Budweiser - with straws - rest, waiting to be consumed. As guitar virtuoso Herman Li comes running out, holding his axe high above his head, some of us notice that the band's celebrated onstage trampolines - from which the musicians perform acrobatic leaps - are missing. "It's not about trampolines," someone from their label tells me dismissively. "They're not a gimmick band." Read the complete, very entertaining article at, and look for DragonForce's Inhuman Rampage in stores June 20th.