Well, well, well...since late October, Chimaira has been on the road with Slayer...yes, you know. As of today (12/10), there are only 2 more dates left on this blessed event - tonight in the Sin City (Las Vegas) and tomorrow night in Phoenix. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to tour Chimaira, let alone Slayer? Of course you have...with that in mind, we present to you the following wrap up, as written by Geoff, one of the techs in Chimaira's camp. Geoff's words on the last days of November are as follows: Howzit, Peeps? Def Gef 666 (4AM) here. I have been renamed as have some of the CHIMAIRA boyz by SLAYER themselves. Collectively, they are now known as CHIMARIQUAI - complete with a picture of O-TOWN with the CHIMAIRA faces morphed onto O-TOWN hairdos. I will try to get a copy of it for the site....provided they let it go public. MATT (guitar), is now known as "Trent" or "McGuire"...named after a cuppla American NFL players that his red hair reminds Kerry King of. Matt has also become their bartender if Kerry isn't up for making shots. ANDY (drums), is known as the "Star-Bellied Sneech", as named by the SLAYER crew. Something to do with the way he wears his hat and does his Ministry Of Silly Walks walk. Get him to do this for you if you can...it's rather goofy and he will do it sober!!! Look for it on their home DVD, that is currently being filmed on a semi-daily basis, as we find anyone who will become a willing participant. Ya know...this whole monologue thing is making me feel like Johnny Carson or something..but on a closing note...I just have to say that I met Richard Butler today. Who tha *&^$ is that you say? Well kiddies, he is a rather prominent vocalist for a rather prominent UK pop band from the 80's - The Psychedelic Furs. Made my day. Although, they had played the night before and I met them as they were leaving and as we were checking in. C'est la Vie...... Wed 11/21/01 Chicago, IL @ Aragon Theatre A beautiful ballroom from back in the Chicago Gangster daze...before they learned to scratch and rap. It turns out this was Al Capone's old hang. His balcony seat was our catering room. I believe he is the one who funded its grandiose interior design, with its court-jester like effigies and swirling hardwood floor that spirals all the way to the center. Feng Shua aside...the show was REEAAALLY out of control and rather violent....we counted 6 or 7 pits running through each other and then oddly separating into their own spaces. A natural phenomenon. Fri 11/23/01 Detroit, MI @ Harpo's Set in the Detroit ghetto...with its 9 foot high stage, this place gets wicked!!! I was happy to see a barricade this time, as the last time I was there, I was running interference for Dino from FEAR FACTORY and got pulled off the stage as a song was ending. Which means that I was falling in PITCH BLACKNESS, with no clue as to when the floor was coming. Lemme just say that pain hurts. Brutal crowd.....but, of course, there were CHIMAIRA fans ready to show support with a few banners, which always makes the band's day. NOTE : Banners are a good way to get yer-self on to their website!!! (....and to meet them as well) Sat 11/24/01 Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Ballroom Not only does this place have more up-down stairways and rooms to play in than the ASTORIA, but it is kitty corner from Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment. FREAKY. It isn't advertised this way, its just common knowledge. This was one show where the Paramedics were busier than the stage crew!! One right after the other...BRUTALITY at its finest. Sun 11/25/01 Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue This is the club where "PURPLE RAIN" was filmed and is also American Head Charge's hometown...so they didn't play????? Yep, they didn't...they have a New Year's show coming up, so they decided to sit this one out...which was fine as this crowd was just waaaaaaaay too impatient. Once again..this hardcore SLAYER crowd was won over by the unexpected Wall-O-Chunk that is Chimaira. Their short, but sweet, set was well received by the maniacs in the crowd that were headbanging to the WALK-IN MUSIC!! There were a cuppla guys at the merch counter that were banging their hair the ENTIRE night !! Amazing what you can do with so very few brain cells. Fri 11/30/01 Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium A sister club to the FILLMORE in San Francisco, and with just as much history. Tonight finds our boys Matt (guitar), Rob (guitar), Jim (bass) and guitar tech Ryan reeling from a night out on the town with Kerry King, Paul Bostaph and Kerry's tech Fluffy. No one, and I mean NO ONE, remembers much after the first.....uh 5 rounds!! There is a lesson to be learned, people. DON'T TRY TO KEEP UP WITH KERRY KING!!! I, myself, was short of funds, so I opted to hang out at the hotel and do my laundry....what a rager, eh? I am so out of control. But..it was all for the better as we were about to embark on a 1,333 mile journey from Denver through Utah and Oregon to get to Seattle, WA were we are now. Mind numbing is the word. I drove first so Ryan could get some rest, which turned into him driving for 14 hours!! Maniac. Having made it safely through 60 mile-an-hour winds blowing us all over a road full of ice and a snowstorm in our face, we have arrived a day early...HELL YEA....so we are making the best of it by prowling the streets of Seattle tonight, hoping to run into the ZYKLON guys or MORBID ANGEL..as they will be playing tomorrow night as well. On that note.......I'm out. Peace to all a yaz !! ~ Def Gef ~ Fantastic! Remember, only 2 dates left on Chimaira's travels with Slayer...future Chimaira tour plans coming shortly... debut release Pass Out Of Existence in stores now