The metal blog Invisible Oranges has published a list of what they claim are the Top 10 Obituary songs, and they use the word "Indisputable" in their headline. Now, if there's one thing we know about metal fans, it's that they can and will dispute anything, at any time.

So here's their list (and an accompanying Spotify playlist):

"Insane" (from Frozen in Time)
"I'm in Pain" (from The End Complete)
"Final Thoughts" (from World Demise)
"Chopped in Half" (from Cause of Death)
"Don't Care" (from World Demise)
"Threatening Skies" (from Back from the Dead)
"'Til Death" (from Slowly We Rot)
"Cause of Death" (from Cause of Death)
"The End Complete" (from The End Complete)
"Slowly We Rot" (from Slowly We Rot)

Go read their reasons for picking each song, then come back and share your own favorites in comments!