Not an update from the studio, as usually brought to us by The Production Gospel According To Dave, but a few notes of interest in general: Ill Nino - last night (03/19) in Pittsburgh, Drowning Pool frontman joined Ill Nino onstage to help out on the singing of "Eye For An Eye". Apparently he too is a Soulfly fan. Resident Evil - the soundtrack for this movie is officially one week old. The soundscan numbers this past week jumped up 49,722% from the previous week's sales. "How can that be," you ask if the cd has only been out one week? Well, if you search hard enough, you will always find some 'shady' retailers selling the piece before street date. True. 83 copies were apparently scanned the week before official release. As for this past week's sales, you do the math. ??? - the man behind The Production Gospel According To Dave took a flight to Vancouver today. Why??? More news to come on that soon... Coal Chamber - the first single from the upcoming Dark Days release, "Fiend", has already started to get some early spins. Radio stations officially add the song to their playlists on Monday (03/25). Keep your ears peeled. New track "Something Told Me" is currently out now on the Resident Evil soundtrack. 36 Crazyfists - WELCOME TO ALASKA...MOTHERFUCKER. What? You have to see what Marketing Matt dubs as "the best sticker Roadrunner Records has ever made." Coming soon, a 'bumper' type sticker that reads 36 CRAZYFISTS as the license plate number, an Alaskan license plate, where 36 Crazyfists hail from. WELCOME TO ALASKA...MOTHERFUCKER. Yes, the sticker actually says that too. Pure Genius. Coal Chamber, again - the first rough edit of the "Fiend" video was shown here at Roadrunner today. This too, pure genius. Ill Nino, again - amongst your travels on the net, check out Notice three familiar faces on the entrance page to this site?