Check it out: Murderdolls: Joey's inaugural step out from Slipknot warrants the cover of Metal Edge. "Murderdolls, Cold-Blooded Mayhem" screams the cover of the 10/02 Metal Edge. Also contained within, a feature on Soulfly and a poster of Jerry Cantrell. Nickelback: Nickelback has been confirmed be a part of Rock Across America on VH-1. Huh? Rock Across America is a weekly segment wherein the VH-1 personalities travel across this great land and report from a different concert venue. Each of these segments air on the station's Top 20 Video Countdown. We'll let you know when this bad boy will be on... Sinch: Is your internet connection about as fresh as a Foghat concert? Fear not...if thou art in dire want of seeing the debut Sinch video, it will be on MTV2's THE ROCK SHOW this Saturday (07/27) at 6pm, first video of the night. 69 Greatest: The new issue of Revolver Magazine is upon us, you can't miss it - cover has hot chick with the heading "69 Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time." Surely there will be disagreements, but put it in your pipe and smoke it for another conversation. Roadrunner's contribution to this list? Slipknot's self titled debut charts at #17, Fear Factory's Demanufacture #25, and Obituary's World Demise at #42. And as always, shit loads more of intense reading. We do shit you not (see FREE SHIT section for a chance to win a copy). and last, shameless self promotion...check out all the gosh darned things in the world, they have a poll up asking "What's Your Favorite Metal Label?" I think you know where we are going with this. Rock.