a few random notes that come to mind on this fine day: Nickelback / Killswitch Engage / Spineshank: What do these three bands have in common, outside of being signed to the same record label? Check this out: Each band's most recent video - "Someday" for Nickelback, "Fixation On The Darkness" for Killswitch Engage, and "Smothered" for Spineshank" - got spun on MTV proper the exact same number of times this past week. Odd? Perhaps. But true, most definitely. Chimaira: They are touring Europe right now with Ill Nino and Spineshank. Word is, things are going great. Word is also that Chimaira drummer Andols is amazing. "Every day he gets up and disappears into the city," tells Chimaira's Chris Spicuzza. Would Andols be sight seeing, perhaps? No, no, no, no, no..."seeking fast food," Chris continues. "Somehow he has found a McDonalds in almost every city." Hey, when in Rome... To My Surprise: Wanna see and hear some really cool things? Check out The Wormhole. DevilDriver: To Dez and company, Godspeed. For today, for today they ship off cross country. Cali to Ohio. For the first show of their upcoming tour with Superjoint Ritual (starting 10/16).