It's all about Supercharger - the upcoming October 2nd release from Machine Head. The band is currently back home in the Bay Area after spending some time abroad doing promo deeds and playing shows in the Orient (well, actually not the Orient, but Korea & Japan). Here's something for ya - whilst Machine Head was touring Europe last Summer, they basically had all the footage taped. You saw the concert footage from three of these Euro shows here previously. Remember? If not, perhaps THIS will refresh your memory... Well, the same cat who taped that footage was also around for the recording of Supercharger. His name is Grail - he is Machine Head's boy, did the Summer 2000 Euro tour with them, and was with them in the studio during recording over the past months. And now, the work of Grail and Machine Head is ready to be seen in a three part video series for the web based off all the above footage. Grail got in the head of the band and recorded them growing into the band that made Supercharger. This series breaks down the aspects of Machine Head that forged Supercharger: writing (Pt I), recording (Pt II), touring (Pt III). In the upcoming weeks we will be taking you on a tour of the Machine Head that is to come, what to expect from these 4 men and their 4th creation. The first part (trt - 2:47) of this video series will be up in our VIDEO section starting this Friday (09/07). The next 2 will follow each Friday thereafter leading up to the release of Supercharger. Supercharger in stores October 2nd - Machine Head on the Road Rage tour starts September 16th