Last week we wrote that Nickelback's latest video, for the song "Too Bad", was 'very close to completion'. Well guess what? We didn't lie. In fact, it has been completed - H to the izzo, V to the izza, I's have been dotted & T's have been crossed. Moreover, the video was officially added to VH-1 TODAY (12/18)...meaning it can now be seen on your television machine. Though we have no exact times on when the video can be seen, word is you'll have better luck looking for it at night. MTV2 will be premiering the "Too Bad" video on Thursday, Jan 3rd. And it will be here on the Roadrunner site indefinitely come Jan 4th. What else? Tonight is the last night on Nickelback's current tour of the U.S. with Saliva and Default. And what better town to finish off in than the city of champions...yes folks, we are talking about Pittsburgh. And yes, the band has been properly briefed AND have been told to hit Primanti Brothers at some point during their stay. Gentlemen, break a leg.