Soulfly have just released their 7th studio album Omen to critical acclaim this past May. Boasting a collaboration with The Dillinger Escape Plan's frontman Greg Puciato on "Rise of the Fallen" and Prong mainman Tommy Victor on "Lethal Injection"  as well as some impressive riffing from guitarist Marc Rizzo, it's no wonder Max Cavalera cites the album as encompassing "all of the elements that make music exciting..." in his interview with

Writes the site, "Soulfly’s new album, Omen, is heavy, intense, brutal, energetic and powerful. There’s a punkish energy tempered by the kind of thrashy precision Max Cavalera has long been known for, and there’s little of the tribal edge that defined his final album with Sepultura, Roots, and which has occasionally shown its head in Soulfly’s works too."

Read an excerpt of the interview below, go right here for the full Q&A and don't forget to pick up your copy of the crushing album right here.

The new album really kicks ass, and it’s full of lots of old-school energy. Was that a reaction to the more precise, thrashy style of the Cavalera Conspiracy CD?

Yeah, I think there’s the influence of that. It’s really Soulfly’s most metal and hardcore album, divided in the middle between those two styles. There’s a thrash metal element in a lot of the other songs too. All of the elements that make music exciting right now. I love the hardcore scene, I love the metal scene, so I wanted to put them together in one album. That’s why Omen turned out this way.

It’s great that you have the Conspiracy and Soulfly to explore these different aspects.

Yeah, it’s good to have both bands to give me the freedom to do different things. On Conspiracy I play with Igor and it’s more of a Max-and-Igor thing, and the connection with him, the way I play with him is very unique. And with Soulfly, Soulfly is my main band, so most of the things that take most of my time are connected with Soulfly. But I’m very happy to have both bands, and they’re both doing good. I’m just waiting for the release of Omen so I can go on tour and play this stuff live.

Could you tell us about Rise of the Fallen, which features Greg Puciato from Dillinger Escape Plan?

That was one of the great surprises of Omen. It turned out to be such a classic song, really a great, killer song, and it was done from scratch. I had the idea to invite Greg after I bumped into him at a Deftones concert in LA that we both sang with the Deftones, I invited him to come to the studio, and I mentioned the name of the song, Rise of the Fallen, and I wanted him to write original lyrics for it, and he felt really good about that. So he wrote all original verses and he helped me with the choruses. Every time I say ‘rise of the fallen’ there’s a Greg response to that. He was just a great guy to work with. A lot of energy, really excited about the song. He really wanted to make the best song possible. I give him a lot of credit for making Rise of the Fallen one of the most exciting songs I’ve been part of in my career. It’s a track that stands out from the rest, I think. Greg’s ideas were really flowing.

And then there’s Lethal Injection with Tommy Victor from Prong. I finally got Power Of The Damager by Prong a couple of weeks ago actually, and one thing that struck me about was that even though it doesn’t sound the same, it kinda feels like Sepultura’s Arise album. So when I found out you were working for him I thought it made total sense.

Yeah! Tommy was one of the guys I know from the early 90s. I was always a Prong fan, and I always thought they were ahead of their time with the kind of industrial metal they were doing. I toured with him in ‘94 with Pantera, Sepultura and Prong, and I became friends with him during that time. I saw him a couple times at festivals throughout the years and then finally last year Prong was invited to open the Soulfly tour in America, and that tour was when I had the idea to invite Tommy. He’s a great guy, he’s an old-school guy like me, he’s been around for almost the same time that I’ve been, and he’s got a legendary kind of voice, and comes from a legendary band. So I said “I think I got a song for you, Tommy,” and I showed him Lethal Injection and he even told me, “Wow, it sounds like old Prong!” And I said “Yeah, it was influenced by you!” And he sang really old-school Prong vocals. And I love them, I love the new album. Power of the Damager is a great record. I toured with them a month ago, they opened the Soulfly tour again for the second time, and they finished every night with Power of the Damager. Really powerful stuff.