Just got off the phone with Chimaira's electronics guru, Chris Spicuzza. As this is being written, all six Chimaira band members, 3 crew members, and their tour manager are ALL riding together in a "beautiful green van" headed for Rockford, Illinois. Their gear is following them from behind in a trailor. Tomorrow (07/19) marks their first date of their upcoming Midwest tour with labelmates Ill Nino, along with headline act Factory 81. 40 Below Summer will also appear. Chimaira left their hometown of Cleveland at around 3:00pm this afternoon. With their drum tech Moody behind the wheel, the band and crew expect to reach Illinois by 10:00pm. As laughter can now be heard coming from all in the van, Chris leaves one last message for the fans - "Hope to see you there at the show." See Chimaira's TOUR DATES for full details.