doubleDrive is five dates into their tour with Seether and Trapt. In fact, as this is being written (4/16, early evening), the band is eating dinner at a joint called Bugaboo Creek (spelling? basically, word has it the place is a poor man's version of Outback Steakhouse) with Mistress Carrie from WAAF and new friend Phil Kaso (Roadrunner's Northeast radio cat). And speaking of Phil, he enjoys beef – just last night dining on 2 double cheeseburgers from McDonalds before bed. True. More to come on that later… So how have the first few dates on the tour been going? “Going good,” tells frontman Donnie from outside of Bugaboo Creek. The bands are getting along, including a body slamming contest with Seether in the hotel just the other night. This tour run started off with a 18-20 hour drive to the first show, and since then has featured drives late at night after each show until 5, 6am the next morning. Some words from along the way: Show 1 – The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY. Poughkeepsie was great. Rock is ALIVE. Show 2 - Clarkston University in Pottsdam, NY. Played inside their hockey arena...actually surprised to see so many doubleDrive fans...people singing along… Show 3 – Mulcahy's in Wantaugh, NY. Just us and Seether that night, very enjoyable show and pizza. Looser kinda show for both bands...chilled and hung out with crowd a lot. A lot of drinks. Show 4 – Crocodile Rock in Allentown, PA. Club owner was amazing, fed everyone a 2, 3 course meal. Now that's down home... Show 5 – Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI. Providence last night...why can't I see that club? I was just there last night? …some more thinking... Ahhh, Lupo's was great. They (the fans) all wanted to rock pretty good. They (the fans) brought a good thing into the room with them. Great time with that last night... “I think we'll be coming back to all these places,” Donnie adds. “This tour has a great vibe to it.” That brings us to today. After a morning doing some press via phone with a cat in Italy (with hoarse morning voice), the band went over to WAAF for an on air interview with Mistress Carrie. They played some acoustic tracks (“Imprint,” “Big Shove,” and “Freightrain” – the last song which they just worked up the acoustic version earlier in the day)... “Carrie accommodated us and our desire to hear some Priest (Judas Priest), playing 'The Hellion' and 'Electric Eye' back to back on the air”...And at some point during the on air interview, apparently Donnie was singing W.A.S.P. acapello, and he and Troy (guitar) even played the beginning of Queensryche's “Take Hold Of The Flame.” At the end of it all, they were on the air for 2 hours. A day that started with morning voice and culminating with Geoff Tate's (Queensryche) “Take Hold Of The Flame” scream. As for Phil, after the dinner at Bugaboo Creek, he tells “it was hysterical. It was doubleDrive radio, and 'Take Hold Of The Flame,' he (Donnie) pulled it off…and I just had a nice fat steak, and it was good…I was the only one to finish every drop on my plate. It was only a 9 oz steak, it was just a tease, I've had bigger burgers at McDonalds.” No, that last line really had nothing to do with doubleDrive, but don't you now feel a bit closer to the Roadrunner staff? doubleDrive Blue In The Face in stores April 29th