The Roadrunner Road Rage Tour is winding down. For the past month Chimaira has been on the road with labelmates Fear Factory, Machine Head and Ill Nino. This current tour has but 5 dates left, four of which are in (don't mess with) Texas. So what has been going on in Chimaira's world? Well, it has been mentioned before, it will be mentioned now, and it will be mentioned many times in the future - Chimaira will be hitting the road with Slayer (yes, the ultimate band does exist) starting October 29th. Needless to say, Chimaira is "stoked on the upcoming tour". Random notes from the Road Rage... Last Friday's show (10/12) in Ventura, CA brought a couple surprises. For one, Stephen Carpenter joined Chimaira on stage for the playing of "Rizzo" - a track which Stephen actually recorded with them in the studio too. That same night Chimaira met the infamous Takashi "Tak" Koga, Roadrunner promotions cat in our Japan office. Or as Chris from Chimaira said, "met that dude from Roadrunner Japan." What was he doing in California? Tryin' to muscle his way in on our market here in the US no doubt (just kidding). However, Tak did hook the band up with the Japanese version of their Pass Out Of Existence release. It's the same as the US release, ceptin for the fact all the lyrics, names, etc., are written in Japanese. Plus, it contains an extra track, "Without Moral Restraint". The band has also been ass deep in some "long ass drives". Just yesterday (10/16) they drove the better part of the trip from Fresno to Albuquerque, 900 miles in total. Just truckin... To pass time on the drives, they've been watching old Metallica and Slayer (yes, the ultimate band does exist) videos, Eddie Murphy's Raw, Dirty Work, Kingpin, along with countless other classics. As Road Rage is still going, keep checkin back for more updates, especially with a show in McAllen, (don't mess with) Texas coming up. Word is the people there throw beers at the bands if they like what they're hearing. We'll see what happens... So, a toast to Chimaira in their final days of the Road Rage Tour, and to their upcoming Slayer tour (hey, did we mention all are stoked on this tour? Well, we just said it again). For more words from Chimaira, check out this great interview with Mark Hunter (vocals) at We leave you with a couple last words of wisdom from the road, "don't eat the burritos in the truck stops, or the chicken fingers...if ya know what I mean..." debut release Pass Out Of Existence in stores now