A couple random notes for the television cats out there: Tonight (6/24) on Fuse's show Uranium, their Killswitch Engage interview from the New England MetalFest will be re-airing. AND, on tomorrow night's show (6/25), make sure to check out Uranium for their first showing of the Chimaira piece they did with the band at the same MetalFest. Oh yes... ...see how it is to travel with Chimaira as metal mistress Juliya breaks into Chimaira's home away from home, the ever most sacred tour bus. Expect to hear foul words and see how life is on the road... And then, guess what's coming back to MTV proper? YES. Headbanger's Ball. Well, at least for one night anyway. Note that the Ball will actually play on MTV (not MTV2) this Friday night (Saturday morning) June 27 at 1am EST. It's the show that premiered last Saturday night on MTV2 with Disturbed as guests. This apparently is a special one-time "MTV2 on MTV Weekend" thing, but hey...videos from Machine Head, Murderdolls and possibly Ill Nino will be in this episode.