Upcoming on the Uranium show on FUSE this week and next, a whole lotta Roadrunner. Details break down as follows: 12/16 - on the 12/16 Uranium show, you will be seeing Killswitch Engage's "My Last Serenade" video (this show also has the Static X diary). 12/18 - on the 12/18 show, Ill Nino's "Unreal" video will be aired (this show also has the Sevendust diary, who Ill Nino is currently on the road with). 12/22 - on the 12/22 show, more Killswitch Engage. This time, it will be the video for "Fixation On The Darkness." Oh, and a lot of Ill Nino, too. The show on this date will play their videos for both "Unreal" and "How Can I Live"...AND this show will mark the premier of the Ill Nino diary. True. 12/23 - and on the 23rd day of December, Chimaira. Tune into the show on the hallowed day before Christmas Eve to see the band's video for "Sp Lit" (a bit of classic Chimaira, if you will). Enjoy the shows. Uranium starts 8:00pm EST each evening on FUSE