Wanna talk about Road Rage? Apparently the boys in Chimaira have a reason to have it - as this is being written (approx 5:00pm EST 10/22), they are sitting in some RV center, as they had a tire blowout on their equipment trailer. They are currently making the trek the Atlanta, the scene for the final show of the Roadrunner Road Rage Tour. The last show takes place tomorrow night (10/23)...which, rumor has it, there just might be some surprise guest appearances... onto memories of show's past... Remember us writing last week to watch out for the show in McAllen, (don't mess with) Texas? That we'd have an update? Well, apparently before playing there, Chimaira was told by the boys in Spineshank to 'watch out'! Perhaps they were making like an older brother teasing the younger? hmmmm??? (don't be so gullible McFly!) Though all enjoyed playing the show, Chris (electronics) tells "it was not as crazy as I thought it would be. I thought we were going to be soaked in beer...only 2 or 3 beers got whipped at us...so I guess they liked us." Word is the band has it on videotape, we'll do our best to get it up for ya. What else... Before one of the recent Road Rage shows, some of the band members and crew got together for a basketball game. Mark (Chimaira vocals), Chris, and Machine Head's guitar tech and merch cat teamed up against Jim (Chimaira bass), Adam (Machine Head bass), Laz (Ill Nino bass), and Machine Head's bass tech for a game. Word is that one game playing to 20 lasted 1 ½ hours, featuring about a 4% shooting percentage. Chris concluded, "it made me realize how bad metal dudes are at basketball". Last night (10/21) in San Antonio, Ill Nino frontman Cristian joined Chimaira on stage for the track "Severed". Mark and Jim from Chimaira joined Machine Head on stage for "Davidian". and "just about everybody" joined Fear Factory on stage for "Edgecrusher". What next? Just one show left, only time will tell. We'll have a full rundown on closing night of the Road Rage Tour come Wednesday (10/24). Until then, check out the Chimaira player for their upcoming God Hates The World tour with Slayer (yes, you know the rest) - www.RoadrunnerRecords.com/GodHatesTheWorld debut release Pass Out Of Existence in stores now