Last Week: Last week Stone Sour (featuring Corey Taylor and Jim Root) was playing a show in Des Moines. Word has it that Corey, the consummate frontman, greeted the crowd with lines along the likes of "right here in fucking Des Moines, Iowa - can you really make a difference"...he asked that everyone "promise to make a fucking difference"..."fuck those assholes in City Hall, fuck those corporate icons that try to tell you that Iowa is for old people"...not sure how spot on those quotes are (eh, Mr. Connett?), but you get the idea... What else last week? Murderdolls (featuring Joey Jordison) was-a most-a honorably playing in Japan. True. What's in a Murderdolls' live show? "Kick ass, that band," replies the man behind The Production Gospel According To Dave (Dave refers to seeing a live video of the band performing at the Whiskey in L.A.) True. Today: Today? Well, today (08/20) Joey's Murderdolls Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls debut hit the streets. What else today? Slipknot is back together again, in Portugal right now - a start to a seven date European tour run. Next Week: After this seven date Slipknot tour run, Joey will be joining up again with Murderdolls for a European run of their own - starting on 08/30 in Germany. What else next week? Corey and Jim's Stone Sour self titled debut will be hitting the streets (08/27). The Beyond: Corey and Jim will be joining up again with Stone Sour for a U.S. tour run starting 09/28. Chevelle and labelmates Sinch will be in tow. What else in the far beyond? Well, not too far beyond, but the Slipknot dvd will be coming...currently scheduled for a late November release. "Very close to being done," tells the man behind The Production Gospel According To Dave. Concert, backstage footage, all on track. Tomorrow (08/20), Dave will "look at final shit." Artwork, as conceived by Clown, will be worked on for real out in Iowa the weekend after Labor Day. And The Way Beyond: Slipknot's third full length cd to be put into work come early 2003.