Let's see, what is the latest on the Sepultura NATION LP? In a recent interview with HARDRADIO.COM, Andreas tells the latest. "We just finished the recording last Sunday. We've been in a Rio for two months and right now I'm at my house in Sao Paulo, and we're just getting ready to go to New York to do the mixing, and we're going to do that in the first week of December. We've been down here since August 1999, writing and working in Sao Paulo." Click HERE here to check out the rest of the interview. The dates Sepultura are slated to be in NYC for mixing are 12/07-12/23. Note, the WHOLE band will be present for this! What else? (Hed)pe's DJ Product is to help/remix a track titled "Uma Cura". And last, but certainly not least, Andreas just got a new tattoo this past weekend from legend Paul Booth. Who's next? Word is Igor is in line for an arm cover-up. Check out SEPULTURA'S WEBSITE for more details and photos.