Ill Niño is currently holed up at Hi-Fi Recordings in Union City, JERSEY putting the finishing touches on their third release, which will apparently be titled One Nation Underground.... "Overall, this is the strongest Ill Niño album ever," says drummer Dave Chavarri, who is producing the album with Eddie Wohl (36 Crazyfists, Anthrax). "We really stepped up the Latin attitude both musically and vocally. Not only is the album bi-lingual but Cristian in particular is doing amazing. His lyrics are deeply personal while becoming more expressive than ever." With deeper subject matter that tackles what is going on in society today, the album is much angrier than the last two. "This is the most progressive and in-depth record we've ever made," adds singer Cristian Machado. "I think a lot of the youths/young adults are walking around without a sense of reality. They are being led by an immoral media who often guide you away from the truth." Deeper in every way, the band experimented with Afro-Cuban percussion and chants while making the riffs a lot more intricate. Says Machado, "We pushed each element further than ever before and pinpointed what makes Ill Nino special." In addition there will be special surprises on the album including a track with Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. Ill Nino will hit the road in the US this July in anticipation for an August 2005 album release.