As previously written, Dry Kill Logic and Ill Nino will be doing 'one off' dates from The Oracle Tour with Kittie. Well, another has just been confirmed. It is as follows: 11/17 - Lewiston, ME - CJ Function Hall note - Mind War Symphony open the night, followed by Ill Nino, and then Dry Kill Logic. note II - whom will go down in history as the first cat to ever win tickets to a show through the Roadrunner website here, Karen Aguino had the following to say about The Oracle show in Albuquerque: "I just wanted to thank you for the tickets to Kittie/Ill Nino/Dry Kill Logic show last Thursday in Albuquerque, N.M.. The show was great!! All bands kicked ass, but I mainly went to see Ill Nino & DKL. I've seen Ill Nino each time they come through Albuquerque (about 4 times already?). Ill Nino knows how to get the crowd responding & they even have quite a following (fans) that grows with every show. Dry Kill Logic was intense! I was amazed at the set they played. DKL's songs were even more brutal live than the c.d. They had the crowd thrashing through every song & had the crowd wanting more. Albuquerque now knows about this band, & I have no doubt the city will welcome them back with pounding fists in the air & a large pit!!" Karen, thanks for the line. As for the rest of you, check it out whilst you can. Dates & what not for this tour can be found HERE. Dry Kill Logic The Darker Side Of Nonsense and Ill Nino Revolution...Revolucion in stores now