So, was speaking with Anyone bassist Static a couple days ago...woke him from taking a nap on the band's RV while driving to Peoria. He recalled how the night before drummer Ransom sliced his hand on a cymbal during the Chicago show - white kit, covered in blood - "it was amazing. I've never seen anything like it before in my life. Literally puddles of blood by the end of the show, gnarly. I almost puked." The band has since bandaged Ransom up and have gone on with the shows. Today (02/26), their self titled debut has been released. OUT NOW. Tomorrow (02/27) in Las Vegas, Anyone plays their first US show with an album on the streets. It also marks the last show on their current tour run with Lennon and Speedealer. Up next - 2 dates with stoner rock legends Fu Manchu, and a March 16th gig in Austin, TX with the all around legendary Jerry Cantrell. see TOUR section for full details. Before you go, check out this posting taken from the message board on ANYONE's new website. It's a review in regards to their 02.22 show in St Paul, MN, as written by Z3N (if you notice, Z3N mentions blood on a drumstick at the end...guess Ransom's had isn't fully healed just yet): One of the best things about seeing the bands at an early show in their careers is, you get to watch them transform the stage. Anyone took the plain dark stage, and turned it into an acid trip playground... complete with lights and smoke effects. We already knew that we were going to see a real show before they even got started. I am a new fan to the music of Anyone. I just recently started listening to them when they hooked up with Roadrunner records. I have to say that I am definitely a fan for the long haul. Their music moves you and tugs you through some wild rides.... and many emotions. The energy that Riz puts into his vocals, and the stage presence will just blow you away. Along with the heavy chest rattling bass from Static, and the unrelentless crash and finesse of Ransom, this was the best act of the evening for me. I personally think their show was just too big for the small stage at the Lab... and maybe a little bit more than the sleepy town of St. Paul can handle! They just blew me away! After their set, I got to chat with the guys. They hooked me up with some autographs and other good stuff, including their album. It is definitely a must have! I listened to it a few times coming home on the plane, and I can definitely say it is a great disc. My favorites are Don't wake me, Real, and of course... The Whole World's Insane! Here is a pic of my loot to make you jealous: If you look closely at the drum stick I got, you can actually see where Ransom bled all over it.... Might give you a little idea at how intense and powerful these guys play. I just wish that I had seen them in Cali, or somewhere that was a bit more hip to the sound! You guys rule!