This is a story which for the most part goes out to all you collectors, those whom must have everything in your collection. To commemorate Fear Factory's upcoming tour of Australia (starts 12/09), on November 30th a piece called Linchpin - Special Australian Tour EP 2001 will be released down under. An EP which clocks in around 23 minutes in total time. The 7 songs which make up this release are as follows: 1 - "Frequency" 2 - "Linchpin" 3 - "Machine Debaser" 4 - "Demolition Racer" 5 - "Invisible Wounds" (The Suture Mix) 6 - "Replica" (live - from an Ozzfest 1996 performance) 7 - "Edgecrusher" (live - recorded at The Palace in St. Kilda, Australia on 2/26/1999) The tracks "Frequency", "Machine Debaser", and "Demolition Racer" are all previously unreleased. All three were originally recorded for use in video games - the first one for the upcoming mix game Frequency, and the latter two for the game Demolition Racer. All three tracks will also appear on the upcoming 12/18 US release of the Digital Connectivity dvd. interesting fact - perhaps you already read this, but if not, "Frequency" is the newest Fear Factory song to date. It was recorded four months after the Digimortal release was complete. now you know, just in case they have this bit of knowledge on Jeopardy tonight... What else to expect? This EP will also contain the "Linchpin" video along with the 4 part "The Making Of Digimortal" video series (both of which can be seen here on the Roadrunner site).