Sure, you might want some more Halloween action from us, but look -- here in New York City where we reside, it's the 30th annual CMJ Music Marathon. And what that basically means is indie rock is EVERYWHERE! Just about every single venue in the city is hosting both day and night showcases, parties, and concerts, and our very own indie newcomers Young the Giant were among the 1200 bands in town just for the event(s).

So to keep up with our surroundings, and to show you some of our previous alt rock signings, we give you Biffy Clyro on this week's edition of Opening the Crypts. Taking place every Friday evening, we look back at a track or video from our extensive catalog -- which dates all the way back to 1987 here in the US.

Check out "Saturday Superhouse" from 2007's Puzzle in the player below, and if you like what you hear, go RIGHT HERE to win a copy of the underrated album from these Scottish rockers.