In 1983, this Brooklyn-based crossover thrash crew (featuring future Type O Negative mainman Peter Steele) set out to shock, not awe. Carnivore spent their early years earning a reputation as one of the area's most dangerous bands. Known to take the stage clad in outlandish outfits that typified the meaning of Carnivore: Dressed to the hilt in fur-covered shoulder pads, spikes, hockey equipment, nails and anything that gave them the appearance of flesh-eating monsters, the band frequently drenched the front rows of their audiences with blood, brains and innards, provoking a maniacal reaction like frenzied sharks being taunted with buckets of chum.

For this week's edition of Opening the Crypts, where we look back at a killer cut from our extensive catalog, we're giving you "Angry Neurotic Catholics" off the band's 1987 album Retaliation. "Don't forget your valium tonight!"