We're mid-way through October, and it's due time to break out the Halloween-related tracks. So on this week's Opening the Crypts with Mercyful Fate, we want to draw attention to what better be someone out there's costume choice: frontman King Diamond. The iconic make-up, the iconic mustache, the iconic cape (and/or hat depending on the era) -- instant win at any worthwhile contest!

But let's talk about the music. "Come to the Sabbath" off the monsterously influential album Don't Break the Oath is our choice this week, and for good reason. To look at it topically, Halloween happens to fall on the sabbath this year, but it's the aural fury that really won the spot. In King Diamond's previously stated iconic status, his unmatched, easily-recognizable falsetto stands out the most, and it doesn't stop there. The full-on sonic firestorm created by guitarists Michael Denner and Hank Shermann - the change-ups, the solos -- that's what makes this track Sputnik Music's "second best song on the album."

Complete with occult themes and closing with the phrase "my sweet Satan, you are the one!" how could we not choose this for Halloween?! Listen to "Come to the Sabbath" in the player below now, and heed the warning that "Witches and Demons are coming" this October 31st.