Remember our previous writing titled THE FACES BEHIND THE RIFF? It was a piece written about a week ago telling about the upcoming Killswitch Engage photoshoot. Well, we are pleased to tell you that we DID NOT lie in any sort of fashion, as of course you all know by now that info has a mysterious way of changing... Now that the shots have been taken, KsE bassist Mike D'antonio has a recap of the shoot. His words are as follows: "So, Adam should be in the UK at this point - taking 1 plane to Nottingham and another to Leeds. The photo shoot went great, photographer Daniel Moss was very cool and had lots of ideas for the shoot. We started the day off at 10 AM at a boarded up INSANE ASYLUM that had been closed for 15 years... very spooky, lots of noises could be heard from inside the buildings (which have been empty and boarded up for quite some time). After lunch we headed to a tobacco farm for some strange shots under these crazy stringy things. We finished off the day at a broken down railroad track bridge...very UNSAFE I might add, but Daniel had no problems ordering us on the rickety bridge for some posing. Wrapping up at 6 PM it was a hard days work...and VERY cold I might add, some of us were told to take off our jackets to 'add something different to the photos'... we all thought it was just to make us all cold. Fortunately I was the only one who got the flu out of everyone.. oh well, all in the name of rock and roll. fun stuff... talk to you soon, Miked"