Back in 1946, the famed Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí collaborated with Disney on a short film called Destino. As Wikipedia tells it, "Completed in 2003 by Baker Bloodworth and Roy E. Disney, it contains dreamlike images of strange figures flying and walking about. It is based on Mexican songwriter Armando Dominguez' song 'Destino'. When Disney hired Dalí to help produce the film in 1946, they were not prepared for the work that lay ahead. For eight months, they continuously animated until their efforts had to come to a stop when they realized they were in financial trouble. They had no more money to finish the production of the animated film; however, it was eventually finished and shown in various film festivals. The film consists of Dalí's artwork interacting with Disney's character animation."

Well, now a YouTube user named Loren Block has discovered that Destino syncs up perfectly with Opeth's "I Feel the Dark," from 2011's Heritage, and he's posted the version you see above, which is truly awesome. (Hat tip to the guys at, who spotted this before we did, though even they were somewhat late - it's been online since November.) Check it out above; we're sure you'll be as blown away as we were.

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