Metal news site and all around huge Opeth fans have reviewed the brand new DVD In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, and while we understand they're maybe a little biased in their devotion to the Swedish prog masters, we still think you need to see what they had to say.

Writes the site's Metal Mark, "The first disc features the band performing the album 'Blackwater Park' from start to finish. This is one of my favorite records of all time and to see it being performed live is something else. I was speechless after the show in New York and I was speechless after watching the DVD. The CD is one of the best to ever be released, and the band pulls it off live with perfection. After the performance of the album is done, the first bonus material is shown. It's a very in-depth interview with Mikael Akerfeldt, in which he answers fan submitted questions for over forty minutes. Mikael really opens up in this section, and I learned a ton from the Swedish icon. If your a huge Opeth fan like I am, this will definitely be a highlight of the DVD."

Of the second disc - which showcases the band's second set spanning the length of their 20 year career - Mark writes, "It's amazing to think of where this band was and to see what they have become. They have never put out a bad album, and this DVD is just more proof of it. The bonus material on this disc is a tour documentary, which follows the band around their anniversary shows in Europe. You get to see the band backstage, on the bus, meet-n-greets and more! It's pretty crazy to think that normal people can create this music, but the documentary really shows that Opeth is human. They are hilarious guys who create incredible music. Nothing more needs to be said."

In closing, he remarks, "I got the special package where I got the 3-disc live CD's of the shows. So not only can I watch the performance on the television, but I can hear the show in my car! I'm an Opeth addict, so I finally got my fill! The New York anniversary show was memorable and now every time that I watch this DVD I can remember that I was privileged enough to see one of the six concerts in person. I was a lucky one, and if you missed out on these shows, pick up this DVD. You won't regret it."

...Our sentiments exactly! Take's advice and get your own copy of this stunning live set in the special package of your choosing at this location.

And in case you can't wait to see what's been referenced above on the DVD, check out Opeth performing "Dirge For November" live below, and see a clip of frontman Mikael Akerfeldt discussing his time at the Royal Albert Hall on the DVD even further below.