Opeth guitarist Fredrik Åkesson was interviewed by IndianRockMP3.com recently, when the band played Bangalore. He talked about his current stage rig, how the band's 2012 live set differs from their last outing, and more.

Fredrik says the upcoming tour will be "very different from the 2011 Heritage tour we did in North America and Europe. We did an acoustic set there. Tomorrow we bring in some of the older heavier songs. We’re gonna focus a bit on the new album but we’re bringing in some old songs as well. You can expect more growls."

For all the guitarists out there, he describes his gear as follows: "I use lots of Dunlop and MXR pedals. A guy in Sweden at SOS got a rack system for me. I like the old stomp-box idea. The idea is I don’t have to run audio cables to the back of the pedal board so I keep everything at the back to keep the shortest path. Basically what I use is an MXR micro amp which is what I use for all the distorted tones. I have a carbon copy delay which I really like. I like the warm and analog echo. Univibe phasor with a bit more spacier tone. I use a compression pedal for some of the finger picking parts. Also I use a Jim Dunlop crybaby rack wah. I also use a Dunlop volume pedal which I love because it lets me do volume swells and the crunchy old school guitar sounds."

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