Opeth frontman and Decibel guest blogger Mikael Akerfeldt discusses his involvement with the God of War: Blood & Metal EP.

Writes Akerfeldt of his contribution to the Playstation game's soundtrack, "I got the question a while back whether Opeth would be interested in contributing a song to this game, God of War III. As far as I remember, I said ‘kinda yes’ right away, since delivery was still months away. I didn't know the game. Even though I'm a gamer myself, I'd never really heard of it, but I figured we could contribute since a few of us are into it, and just overall, we felt ‘Why not?’ I wanted to try my new home studio for this which had just been set up.

On "The Throat of Winter": The opening chord sequence is something I wrote on the last tour we did, and I had another project in mind for it. I just thought it had a nice ring to it. I knew the other bands would go for something heavy and we've always like to do the opposite to other bands, so we decided to go with something softer. It has attitude though it's devoid of any Whitney Houston influences. Recording it was quite simple, the song is simple (but odd) and the sound is simple... everything about it just came together in a heartbeat more or less. I like it. It's odd but it sounds like Opeth."

Read the whole thing right here, and get your digital-only copy of the EP on iTunes now!

Opeth will embark on a limited-city 20th anniversary tour at the end of the month. Get all the details HERE.

God of War 3 is out on March 16th. Check their official site for more information.