Opeth's brilliant new record graced shelves in stores everywhere yesterday, and you can be sure that people everywhere are talking about just how amazing Watershed is.

Heavy metal writer, Chad Bowar reviewed the new album:

"Akerfeldt's vocals are right on point. His melodic singing continues to be rock solid, and he still has a reservoir of anger to draw upon with his harsh vocals. He does more singing than growling on this CD. The definition of watershed is "a critical point marking a change in course or development," and with the increased prog elements and the use of that word as the title, Watershed may well signal the start of a bigger shift in Opeth's style"

Read more of where that came from HERE on New York Times' company, About .com

Then head on over to Knac.com and read what Mikael Akerfeldt had to say about the new album, new line-up, his relatively new role as father and family man (he and his wife now have two young daughters), Opeth's standing as a "death metal" band and his on-again/off-again role fronting the more traditional death metal concern Bloodbath. Check it out.