Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt was interviewed by Spin magazine about his favorite things, and some of the answers may surprise even longtime fans!

His favorite place to play? Santiago, Chile: "There are a lot of people coming out and they're fucking crazy. They're so loud. And it kind of detaches you from your role as a musician. You don't really think about what you're playing because you're enjoying the whole thing. The crowds are always good. Most of the night I'm usually just listening to how we're doing as a band as opposed to listening to how the crowd is reacting. But in Santiago it's just crazy."

His favorite food? Italian: "I could eat Italian food every day. In Italy, you can go into pretty much every restaurant and it's going to be decent. When we're on tour — because we're always visiting these countries on tour and I never go on holiday — we're connoisseurs when it comes to food. We're not gonna run into McDonald's, you know?"

His favorite way to unwind at home? Watching his fish: "One, the direct translation would be a 'fire eel.' I asked my daughters to name it but they just call it the eel. I have another big fish — I don't know what they call it in English but it's a big fucking fish that sits on the bottom just hanging out. I was sold when I bought it because I could eat it. When it's too dull to watch, I might just fry it up!"

He also says he's a huge ABBA fan, but honestly, we're pretty sure they revoke your Swedish citizenship if you don't love ABBA. Anyway, read the whole thing!

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