Noisecreep recently compiled a list of the best metal artists of the decade, and based on the submissions of numerous music insiders, Opeth came out on top.

Writes NC's Carlos Ramirez,  "No matter what style and era of music they meld into their framework, Opeth always sound at home. That's mostly a testament to Mikael Åkerfeldt's world class playing chops and supreme songwriting skill. The Swedish singer-guitarist's formative years were spent in the worlds of thrash and death metal but Opeth's recorded output throughout the '00s defied categorization. How one band can go from the lush tapestry of a song like 'Windowpane' and still crush us with something like 'The Funeral Portrait' and make it so incredibly believable is beyond us. Mark our words, if Åkerfeldt chooses to keep the band together, Opeth will be on this list when we compile it in 2019."

Amen. Check out the rest of the list right here.